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Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie


International Research

The Facutly of Chemistry and Pharmacy has an international network of research cooperations. The following interactive map provides an overview. More information about the research focuses of the faculty as well as our professors can be found here.

Welcome Center and Support

The Welcome Center is the central point of service at the University of Würzburg for newly appointed professors, international postdocs and guest professors. They provide help regarding administrative questions, searching for a flat, information on childcare, information on life in Würzburg and language classes. Moreover the centre supports Dual Career Questions.

Siebold-Collegium Institute for Advanced Studies

The Siebold-Collegium Institute for Advanced Studies offers guest professors and post-docs with at least 4 years experience assistance when coming to Würzburg. Participants can apply for a fellowship, receive housing in the Welz-Haus in the Würzburg city center, and take part in events organized by the Institute. Interested participants can speak to their colleagues at the JMU for more information and assistance in applying.