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NHC-Stabilized Dialanes(4) of Al2Mes4

Authors: Luis Werner, Julika Hagn, Prof. Dr. Udo Radius

Abstract: Synthesis and reactivity of mono- or bis-NHC-stabilized dialanes(4) (NHC)⋅Al2Mes4 and (NHC)2⋅Al2Mes4 are reported. These compounds reveal relatively long Al−Al bonds according to their XRD structures, which was verified by DFT calculations. QTAIM analysis on (IMeMe)2⋅Al2Mes4 7 revealed non-nuclear attractors (NNA) along the aluminum aluminum vector. First reactivity studies on (IMeMe)2⋅Al2Mes4 7 demonstrate that NHC-ligated dialanes are thermally robust and storable synthons for the dialane(4) Al2Mes4. The synthesis of (IMeMe)⋅AlClMes2 10, {(IMeMe)⋅AlMes2}2-E (E=O 11, S 12), and the dimetallaacetylide {(IMeMe)⋅AlMes2}2-μ-(C≡C) 13 is reported starting from 7.