English Intern
Hierlmeier Group


Considering the multifaceted challenges that come with the increasing worldwide energy demand and the urgent need for greener chemical methods, the development of new and efficient synthetic routes towards valuable chemical building blocks is a major goal for our modern society.

The Hierlmeier group is tackling challenges in synthetic organometallic chemistry in the context of homogeneous catalysis. We are driven to develop solutions for synthetic chemistry by rational design of ligands, organometallic complexes and methods with applications in efficient syntheses of pharmaceuticals or specialty chemicals. Fundamental studies on organometallic reactions will enable novel catalytic transformations with relevance to sustainable chemistry. A particular focus will lie on studying the mechanisms of catalytic transformations as well as the properties of new compounds, which will guide the development of more active and selective catalysts.


Students and researchers joining our group can expect to develop expertise in the following areas:

  • Organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry
  • Techniques to safely and efficiently handle air- and moisture-sensitive chemicals including Schlenk-line and Glovebox methods.
  • Characterization of novel organic and inorganic compounds such as NMR-, EPR-, UV/Vis- and IR-spectroscopies, single-crystal X-ray diffraction or quantum chemical calculations.
  • Mechanistic investigations including kinetics, resting state analysis and in situ spectroscopy

Being part in the start-up phase of a new lab has many benefits. Every new team member will make an essential contribution to the group’s chemistry. You will benefit from a close and efficient supervision which will give you many opportunities to learn from your supervisor. Be part of our supportive environment where your ideas count!