Professur für Anorganische Chemie

    Prof. Dr. U. Radius

    Welcome to the Radius Group Website

    Welcome! We hope you will find this site both interesting and informative as you explore the ongoing research in our group. Our goal is to do exciting and innovative chemistry while having a little fun in the process!

    Our main research interests lie in the application of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHCs) and related Molecules in Main Group Element and Transition Metal Chemistry, which currently comprises


    -          Reactivity of NHCs and related molecules with main group element hydrides and organyls [1]

    -          Ring expansion reactions of NHCs and related molecules [2]

    -          Synthesis and reactivity of transition metal complexes (mainly group 8 – 12 metals), which are stabilized with NHC ligands and related molecules [3]

    -          Element element bond activation reactions using these complexes [4]

    -          Use of these complexes in material science and catalysis, with a certain emphasis on catalytic C-F bond activation reactions [5]


    See for example:

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    For more details see the “Research” and “Publication” section.