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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy


Specific interactions cause spherical nanoparticles of polymers to rearrange themselves into worm-like structures during cooling. The resulting hydrogel dissolves again when heated. (Image: Theresa Zorn/ Universität Würzburg)

A previously unknown form of hydrogel formation has been elucidated: chemists found unusual interactions between polymers.

Generating hydrogen and using carbon dioxide for fuels: These are goals of the Solar Technologies go Hybrid research alliance. (Image: SolTech research network)

The "Solar Technologies go Hybrid" research program continues to receive funding of 1.7 million euros from the State of Bavaria. Now the aim is to produce synthetic fuels from carbon dioxide.

Dr. Jake L. Greenfield in the laboratory (picture: private)

Dr. Jake L. Greenfield has been awarded a prestigious Liebig Fellowship to start his independent research group in Würzburg. He will be joining the Institute of Organic Chemistry as a Habilitand.

Professor Claudia Höbartner. (image: private)

Chemistry professor Claudia Höbartner is being honoured for her outstanding research on the nucleic acids DNA and RNA: She receives the prestigious Leibniz prize endowed with 2.5 million euros.


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