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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Key Research Interests

Key Research Interests of the Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at JMU covers the classic subdisciplines of chemistry: inorganic, organic and physical/theoretical chemistry. 

In addition, the Faculty is the home of research in biochemistry, pharmacy and food chemistry as well as functional materials. 

The Faculty does not only possess fundamental expertise in the core areas of the respective subdisciplines; over the past several years, it has also systematically worked towards establishing five key research interest groups pursuing collaborations with other academic disciplines and Institutes. New staff appointments as well as related measures, such as an increase in the human resources budget and the implementation of building projects, have further strengthened these groups. 

The Faculty employs around 400 researchers, including 38 professors, 14 of which are holding a Chair.

Organised around five modern and interdisciplinary research interest groups, the Faculty is in an excellent position to pursue opportunities for cooperation with partners in the city of Würzburg (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum etc.) and has played a part in the development of a variety of research networks. In addition, the research interest groups play a major part in the teaching activities of the Faculty - in the respective Master’s degree programmes in particular - and thus help intertwine research and teaching. 

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy will continue to make sure that new appointments further enhance its expertise in research. This approach fits well with the strategic research plan of the University and will allow the Faculty to continue to make a valuable contribution to the overall development of the University.