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The Doctoral Process at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

The Award of a Doctorate

The highest academic degree the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy may confer is a doctorate, i. e. the degree Doktor der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.).

A doctorate is awarded to candidates who have demonstrated their ability to independently conduct original and significant scientific research, having independently written a doctoral thesis (dissertation), adhering to the principles of good scientific practice, and having passed an oral examination or oral defence.

Upon successful completion of their studies, doctoral graduates receive a doctoral diploma. 

Doctoral Training at Our Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy offers doctoral training in each field within the Faculty.

Before commencing their doctoral training, prospective doctoral researchers need to find a Faculty member who agrees to be their thesis supervisor. This supervisor will act as the main source of research mentoring and will provide candidates with access to the research infrastructure they need. Thesis topics usually relate to the research interests of the professors in our Faculty.

Doctoral researchers are supervised by a mentoring committee (Fachmentorat), which is appointed by the chairperson at the beginning of the doctoral process. This committee provides candidates with scientific advice, supports them in their scientific pursuits and monitors their progression through the doctoral process. The mentoring committee comprises up to three professors, one of whom is the candidate’s main supervisor. The thesis topic should relate to the research interests of the main supervisor.

In rare cases, the Faculty may confer honorary doctorates, i. e. the degree Doktor der Naturwissenschaften ehrenhalber (Dr. rer. nat. h. c.), on individuals who have made outstanding scientific contributions to one or several fields in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. 

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Audiences and Service

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Audiences relating administrative operation should be reduced wherever possible. We kindly ask you to correspond by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. This particularly refers to office hours, application, submission etc.

Only properly completed applications will be accepted !

On the occasion of the current circumstances please send applications with pdf-attachments via e-mail to: dekanat-chemie@uni-wuerzburg.de .

Gratuated students from other universities or from abroad are supposed to hand in their certificates/reports in a authenticated form (e.g. certified translation). Please use the post box.