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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Staff and Students with Family Commitments

Staff and Students with Family Commitments 

The information below is intended primarily for academic staff at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. Information for students with children is available from  Studierendenwerk Würzburg and  Family Services at the University of Würzburg. 

Family-Friendly Faculty

In an effort to help staff members reconcile work and family life, the Faculty

  • will ensure that meetings are held in the mornings or early afternoons and end before 16:00.
  • will approve flexible work arrangements (flexible work hours, home office etc.).
  • will provide funds to help parents cover additional child care costs when away on a business trip or conference.
  • For parents whose regular child care fell through, there KidsBoxes available at the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy and the Theoretical Chemistry Building on Campus Hubland Nord.
  • Technicians should be assigned to continue the lab research of pregnant doctoral and Habilitation candidates. 

Detailed regulations are laid down in the target agreement on gender equality at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg that was entered into by the University Board and the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.  

Pregnant Doctoral and Habilitation Candidates

<link file:75017 - download>Together with expectant mothers, their supervisors must:</link>

  • submit a proof of pregnancy letter from the expectant mother’s gynaecologist to the Human Resources Department.
  • submit the form  Mutterschaftsmeldung  (expectant mothers at work form) to Human Resources.
  • where necessary, discuss pregnancy and parenthood-related issues.
  • conduct a  risk assessment and, where necessary, consult with the Institutes’ Safety Officers, the Office of Occupational Health and Safety and/or the University Physician to identify measures to avoid or control potential risks.
  • submit copies of the completed risk assessment form pursuant to Section 1 Mutterschutzverordnung (Maternity Protection Directive, MuSchV) to the Staff Council, the Office of Occupational Health and Safety, and the University Physician.
  • put in place measures to avoid or control potential risks.
  • determine how said measures will affect the expectant mother’s ability to successfully complete the doctoral/Habilitation process.
  • where necessary, identify what action needs to be taken to ensure that it is possible for the expectant mother to successfully complete the doctoral/Habilitation process (e. g. assigning lab work to colleagues).
  • determine whether and how the Institute or Faculty may support the respective measures. 


Advice for Expectant Mothers and Fathers

An advisor will be available upon request to discuss measures to help expectant mothers and fathers reconcile work and family life and continue the doctoral/Habilitation process while pregnant and upon their return from parental leave. In this context, the provisions of the German  Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetzes (Act on Fixed-Term Employment in Higher Education and Research, WissZeitVG) will have to be taken into account. In addition to the competent Women’s Representative, a third party trusted by the employee and/or the supervisor (in particular, a member of the University’s non-professorial teaching staff) may be invited to join this conversation. The Women’s Representative of the Faculty will keep records of these conversations and will submit these to the Women’s Representative of the University once a year.