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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Study in Würzburg (Incoming)


We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Wuerzburg. We offer several programmes for each step of your higher education.

Bachelor and Master Study Programmes

Our Bachelor Programmes are taught in German, so you will need to have some German language skills in order to study on our faculty as a Bachelor student. At least a B1 level is recommended.

In our Master Programmes we offer various lectures in English, especially in Biochemistry and Chemistry. If you are planning an exchange semester at our faculty, feel free to contact the degree subject coordinator of your subject. He or she can answer your questions regarding specifc lectures.

In Pharmacy, Food Chemistry, and Teaching Programmes, we can only welcome German speaking exchange students, regardless of level.

Interested exchange students should check with the International Office at their home university for more information. International students looking to earn their degree at the University of Wuerzburg can start the process with our International Office. They also offer more general information regarding finances, visa, and much more.


PhD Students

Doing your PhD in Germany? Or interested in a guest residence for research? In any case, please contact the professor of your research area, as finding a supervisor for your thesis is your first step. You will need to have confirmed your topic with your future supervisor in order to officially apply.

Detailed information about doctoral programs for foreign applicants is presented on the International Offices' homepage.

Interested students can also decide to pursue their PhD through the University of Würzburg Graduate School. More information on the Graduate Schools in which our faculty participates (Science and Technology & Life Sciences) can be found on their website.


The Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy periodically offers Virtual Chemistry Courses (VCC@JMU). These individual courses are entirely online and open to international students, who can participate from the comfort of their own home. The seminars are offered as a block (usually during the summer break period in Germany) and are not spread out over the course of a full semester.