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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Structure of the Chemistry Master's Programme

Semester 1-3 Elective Group 1: Concentrations   75 ECTS
  Concentration 1 25 ECTS  
  Concentration 2 25 ECTS  
  Concentration 3 25 ECTS  
  Elective Group 2: Supplementary Subjects   15 ECTS
  One Additional Course from the Concentrations Fields 5 ECTS  
  Supplementary Courses 10 ECTS  
Semester 4 Master's Thesis   30 ECTS

Overview of the Courses

In the Excel File linked below you will find a complete overview of the current courses offered in the Chemistry master's programme. In addtion to general information on the course (titel, abbreviation, course format, number of weeks, and ECTS credit points) the document lists the semester(s) in which the course is offered and the concentrations towards which the courses count, either as mandatory or elective courses. At this time, this information is only available in German. 


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