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    Institut für Organische Chemie

    Prof. M. J. Fuchter: "Maximising dissymmetry and handling directionality in chiral materials"

    Datum: 07.11.2022, 17:15 - 18:30 Uhr
    Ort: Hubland Süd, Geb. C3 (Zentralbau Chemie), HS C
    Veranstalter: Universität Würzburg, Dr. Prince Ravat
    Vortragende*r: Prof. M. J. Fuchter

    Organisch-chemisches Kolloquium

    Das Institut für Organische Chemie lädt ein zum Vortrag von

    Prof. Matthew J. Fuchter, Imperial College London


     "Maximising dissymmetry and handling directionality in chiral materials"

    Abstract: "We have an ongoing interest in the development of conjugated chiral molecules which can emit and detect circularly-polarized light within thin film materials and in organic electronic devices. Using a range of chiral materials – helicenes, fullerenes and polymers – this talk will give an overview of our strategies to maximise the selectivity of such chiral-optical responses through molecular design, materials processing and device architecture".