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    Humboldt Research Award winner Antoni Llobet is conducting research at the Center for Nanosystems Chemistry

    Chemistry professor Antoni Llobet (Spain) joins the University of Würzburg with a research prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He is a worldwide leading expert in the field of oxidative water splitting with sunlight.

    Prof. Dr. Frank Würthner

    This prestigious distinction has been awarded to Frank Würthner and five other scientists from the University of Würzburg this year. The six faculty members and one researcher honoured as "Citation Laureate" are among the most frequently cited and hence most influential authors in their fields of research.

    Plant-based anticancer drug – ancistrolikokine E3 inhibits the growth and colonization of pancreatic cancer cells. (Pictures: Sévérin Muyisa / Suresh Awale)

    Researchers from Würzburg and Toyama have discovered that a compound isolated from tropical rainforest vines inhibits the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.


    More than 150 participants attended the 7th conference "Solar Technologies Go Hybrid", organized by the current coordinator of the research network, Prof. Lambert, and his team in October 2018.


    A Top-Notch Chemist

    Dr. Kazunori Sugiyasu received a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. (Photos: private / Jakob Dombrowski)

    He received a prestigious award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The renowned chemist, Kazunori Sugiyasu, will now join the University of Würzburg to do research with Professor Frank Würthner.

    A new photocatalytic system works like a multitool which separates the bonds in water molecules. (Graphic: C. Hohmann, Nanosystems Initiative Munich NIM)

    Solar-powered water splitting is a promising means of generating clean and storable energy. A novel catalyst based on semiconductor nanoparticles has now been shown to facilitate all the reactions needed for “artificial photosynthesis”.

    Moritz Dechant

    For the third time in only 13 months, the PhD candidate from the Lehmann group has been awarded a poster prize at an international conference. This time in Kyoto, Japan.

    Gerhard Bringmann drawing complicated mixed formulas

    The University of Pretoria has awarded the professor from Würzburg and President of the Scholarship Program BEBUC an Extraordinary Professorship. It is intended to intensify the already most fruitful collaboration between the South‐African University, the German NGO Förderverein Uni Kinshasa e.V. (fUNIKIN), and the University of Würzburg.

    Siegfried Hünig, Cynthia Burrows, Claudia Höbartner

    The Siegfried Hünig Lecture, this year presented by Professor Cynthia Burrows, once again demonstrated the importance of interdisciplinary research and an open scientific mind.

    The surface of the enzyme levansucrase has been redesigned to produce sugar polymers. (Picture: AK Seibel)

    The Seibel group has modified the enzyme levansucrase using a new method. The enzyme can now produce sugar polymers that are exciting for applications in the food industry and medicine.

    Prof. Dr. Cynthia J. Burrows

    “Physical Organic Chemistry of the Genome” is the title of this year’s Siegfried Hünig Lecture on June 7. Prof. Cynthia J. Burrows, internationally renowned chemist at the University of Utah, will give the audience an overview of her highly successful DNA research.


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