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    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seibel

    Professor Seibel has been awarded a DuPont Young Professor Award for his promising research on enzymatic preparation of prebiotic oligosaccharides. He is the only non-US citizen to be awarded in 2012.

    Blaise Pascal Kimbadi Lombe, Jean-Pierre Mufusama Koy-Sita and Dieudonné Tshitenge Tshitenge

    For the first time, three BEBUC scholars from the partner university of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), Democratic Republic of the Congo, are guest students at the University of Würzburg. The scholarship program BEBUC has been initiated by Professor Bringmann, chair of Organic Chemistry I, and his African partner Prof. Mudogo.


    Light and Matter


    Chemists and physicists at the Center for Nanosystems Chemistry have initiated a new collaboration at the University of Würzburg. The aim of their work is to design and produce novel materials with tailored properties for efficient interaction with light. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding the new Research Unit (Forschergruppe) with 2.3 million € over the next three years.


    A. Muck

    Axel Muck was awarded "Best Apprentice in the Region Würzburg/Schweinfurt", and Dr. Alfons Ledermann was honoured for his outstanding commitment to apprentice training.

    Prof. Hünig with wife and Prof. Reetz

    Professor Siegfried Hünig's 90th birthday was celebrated on May 20th with an impressive gathering of scientists from all over the country. The testimonial lecture given by Professor Manfred Reetz turned out to be the initiation of the annual "Sigfried Hünig Lecture" which is funded by donations.

    The levansucrase synthesizes the polysaccharide levan from fructosyl units. Shown are the amino acids participating in the synthesis and their functions. (grafics: Seibel group)

    The group of Jürgen Seibel and researchers from Brunswick have discovered how a particular enzyme synthesizes natural large sugar molecules. With this knowledge, they can now produce tailor-made sugars, which are known as prebiotics.

    Prof. Lehmann

    Matthias Lehmann has been appointed to the new professorship of organic materials. Actually, Lehmann is not really new to the University of Würzburg, which he joined already in October 2010 as a Heisenberg-fellow and junior research group leader.

    S. Stahl receiving her award

    Sabine Stahl, former apprentice in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, received an award for the best exam in 2010 from Claus Bolza-Schünemann, president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

    Dr. G. Fernández

    Gustavo Fernández, currently postdoc with Professor Frank Würthner, is granted the highly prestigious Sofja Kovalevskaja Award , which allows him to set up his own research group.

    Dr. M. Lehmann

    On October, 1st Matthias Lehmann moved from the Chemnitz University of Technology to the University of Würzburg, where he finds best conditions for continuing his research on soft, organised materials and liquid crystals. This step forward is supported by a Heissenberg fellowship which allows him to establish a new research group in Würzburg.

    Dr. F. Beuerle

    Florian Beuerle is inspired by the idea of developing novel chemical systems for potential materials applications and has now chosen the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Würzburg to establish his own junior research group.

    cover page "Angewandte"

    By means of molecular and crystal engineering Frank Würthner and co-workers obtained high-performance organic thin-film transistors (TFTs) based on a highly electron-poor octachloroperylene diimide.


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