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BEBUC Excellence Scholarship Program in the Press


The scholarship program BEBUC initiated by Gerhard Bringmann and his Congolese colleagues is developing most successfully and catches more and more the attention of a large public. Although the program now supports young scientist from all subjects, not only from chemistry, the journal Nachrichten aus der Chemie has now reported on it.

Daniella Sivavughe Kavira
New scholar Daniella Sivavughe Kavira is studying at the ULPGL-Butembo.

The content of the interview mainly deals with the motives of the initiators of the program, Prof. Gerhard Bringmann and Prof. Virima Mudogo, and the rapid development of the scholarship system since its onset in 2008.

A recent article by the Press Office of the University of Würzburg, however, informs about the new scholars and scientific cooperations in the East of the Congo, and reports about the selection and evaluation process here.

Finally, a movie about the alkaloid Mbandakamine A. Where is the relation to BEBUC? Well, this alkaloid has been extracted from a Congolese liana. The movie is available at