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G. Bringmann Elected as New Chairman of the University's Senate


Recently, the new Senate of the University of Würzburg met for its constitutional meeting, in the course of which also a new chairman was elected.

The new Senate
The new Senate of the University of Würzburg with its Chairman Gerhard Bringmann (right). (photo: Robert Emmerich)

The result was unanimous: The eleven members of the University Senate elected Gerhard Bringmann, professor of organic chemistry, for two years as the new Chairman of the panel. As a consequence, Bringmann is at the same time also the Deputy Chairperson of the University Council – an automatism that arises from the Bavarian University Law.

As the Deputy Senate Chairperson, Hans‐Joachim Lauth, professor of political science, was elected. His term amounts to two years, too.

The members of the Senate are: six professors, two students, a representative of the scientific and artistic employees, a representative of the other employees, and, by virtue of her office, the women's representative. The committee has various tasks, among them the decision on the study and examination rules and on other legal regulations of the university.

By R. Emmerich (edited by C. Stadler)