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Institute of Organic Chemistry

Poster Prize for Peter Spenst


At the “248th ACS National Meeting and Exposition” in San Francisco Peter Spenst, Doctoral Candidate at the Würthner Group, received one of two poster prizes at the session “Metal-Containing and Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers and Materials”.

The poster entitled “Perylene bisimide macrocycles: From dimer to nonamer” by Peter Spenst, Vladimir Stepanenko, and Frank Würthner shows the synthesis of cyclic compounds through covalent connection of perylene bisimide dyes. Moreover the encapsulation of fullerenes by the hosts with three PBI units could be demonstrated. The strong host-guest binding as well as interesting absorption and fluorescence properties of the cycles make these systems promising candidates for studying inclusion complexes.

MSc. Chemist Peter Spenst joined the Würthner Group in October 2012. His work is focusing at the synthesis of new PBI macrocycles and their host-guest complexes.

This year five coworkers of the Würthner and Beuerle group joined the ACS National Meeting.