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    Moritz Dechant was awarded a prize for the best poster presentation


    The PhD candidate from Würzburg was awarded one of only two poster prices at the 45th German Liquid Crystal Conference in Luxembourg

    Moritz Dechant und Prof. Jan Lagerwall
    Awardee Moritz Dechant and Prof. Jan Lagerwall (photo: Lawrence W. Honaker)

    In 2017, Moritz Dechant, who is working on his PhD project on liquid crystals under supervision of Professor Matthias Lehmann, for the first time succeeded in convincing the jury at a big European Conference in Moscow. Back then, he already focussed on molecules with possible applications in organic photovoltaics, specifically Phthalocyanin-Fulleren Hybrid Star Mesogens.

    This time, the jury at the 45th German Liquid Crystal Conference chose his poster “Donor-Acceptor Phthalocyanine-Dyads: The right complex nanostructure for organic photovoltaics?” to be one of the two best posters presented by the participants.

    The conference was excellently organized by the LC researchers of Luxembourg, headed by Professor Jan Lagerwall and Professor Guisy Scalia. The researchers from Würzburg used the opportunity of travelling to Luxembourg and visited the group of Professor Yves Geerts (Université Libre de Bruxelles) for scientific exchange combined with a visit of the European parliament and the city centre of Brussels.

    By M. Lehmann, C. Stadler