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The Finze Group


Current courses in the winter semester 2020-2021

Lecture of Prof. Dr. Maik Finze in the winter semester 2020-2021: Experimental Chemistry

  • Basics of of General, Inorganic and Technical Chemistry
    • atomic structure and chemical bond
    • chemical substances and material properties
    • chemistry of main group and subgroup elements

for students of chemistry, chemistry teacher, biomedicine, nanostructure technology, physics, technology of functional materials.

Start:   Monday, 01.11.2020
Short:  08-AC1-1V1, No:: 07102010.
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Courses in winter semester 2020-2021 (WueStudy)

An overview about the study course chemistry can be found at the homepage of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy (current only in German available).

More information about single courses can be found at      WueCampus