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The Finze Group

Schopper Nils

Dr. Nils Schopper

PhD Student
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Chair III
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg
Building: C2, Hubland Süd
Room: 01.003


Research area: Bis(pentafluorethyl)borates and related compounds

Nils Schopper

- N. Schopper, L. Zapf, J. A. P. Sprenger, N. V. Ignat’ev, and M. Finze
Ethyl-, vinyl- and ethynylcyanoborates: room
temperature borate ionic liquids with saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon chains
Chem. Commun., 2022
- N. Schopper, J. A. P.  Sprenger, L. Zapf, G. J. Reiss, N. V. Ignat’ev, and M. Finze
Alkoxycyanoborates: metal salts and low-viscosity ionic liquids
New J. Chem., 2021, 45, 14973-14987.


Synthese und Charakterisierung neuartiger Bis(perfluoralkyl)borate, Master's thesis in 2020
Synthesis and characterization of novel bis(perfluoroalkyl)borates

Bis(pentafluorethyl)borate und verwandte Verbindungen, Bachelor's thesis in 2017
Bis(pentafluoroethyl)borate and related compounds