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The Finze Group

Kania Jannik

Jannik Kania

Research Assistant
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Chair III
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg
Building: C2, Hubland Süd
Room: 01.003

Research area: Imidazole-substituted boron clusters and their subsequent chemistry

Jannik Kania

Imidazolyl-funktionalisierte closo-Decaborate und ihre Folgechemie, Masterarbeit 2022
Imidazolyl-functionalized closo-decaborates and their subsequent chemistry, Master's thesis 2022

Synthese und Reaktivität dodecaboranylsubstituierter BoroleBachelor's thesis in 2019
Synthesis and reactivity of dodecaboranyl-substituted boroles, Bachelor's thesis in 2019