Research Interests

We investigate drugs in a polymer matrix by approaching the subject from different angles making use of the versatile toolbox of NMR spectroscopy in combination with other complementary techniques:(1) A thorough understanding of the drug molecules and their interactions in the solid state and in solution as well as (2) the synthesis and analysis of different polymer systems/hydrogels by anisotropic NMR will be the foundation for (3) the study of the interactions of these drugs with the polymer matrix and their subsequent release. Based on these insights, more specific polymers can be designed and (4) the response of stimuli-sensitive and degradable polymers can be monitored.

Methods and Techniques

1D and 2D NMR in isotropic solutions & in anisotropic environments, NMR Crystallography (solid-state NMR in combination with DFT calculations and diffraction methods), MS, DSC, TGA.

Key Publications

A.-C. Pöppler, E. K. Corlett, H. Pearce, M. P. Seymour, M. Reid, M. G. Montgomery, S. P. Brown Acta Cryst.C 2017, 73, 149-156, Single-crystal X-ray diffraction and NMR crystallography of a 1:1 co-crystal of dithianon and pyrimethanil
DOI: 10.1107/S2053229617000870

A.-C. Pöppler, D. Walker, S. P. Brown CrystEngComm 2017, 19, 224-236 (Inside Front Cover), A Combined NMR Crystallographic and PXRD Investigation of the Structure-Directing Role of Water Molecules in Orotic Acid and its Lithium and Magnesium Salts

DOI: 10.1039/C6CE02101H

A.-C. Pöppler et al., ChemPhysChem 2016, 17, 812-816, Ultra-fast Magic Angle Spinning: Benefits for the Acquisition of Ultra-wideline NMR spectra of Heavy Spin-1/2 Nuclei
DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201501136

CV of Prof. Dr. Ann-Christin Pöppler


since 2016 Junior Professor for Organic Structural Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry & Bavarian Polymer Institute, University of Würzburg
2015-2016 Newton international postdoctoral fellow of the Royal Society, Department of Physics, University of Warwick (UK)


Feodor Lynen postdoctoral fellow (AvH), Department of Physics, University of Warwick (UK)

2014 Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
2013 Dr. rer. nat. (Inorganic Chemistry), University of Göttingen

Background and Motivation

The overall aim is to understand the interactions of active pharmaceutical ingredients inside polymer matrices, characterize the employed polymer networks and improve their performance in drug delivery by tailoring specific and smart delivery environments.


Prof. Dr. Ann-Christin Pöppler
Phone: +49 931 31-85620