Center for Nanosystems Chemistry

CNC Young Investigator Seminar Series

12.01.2024 Dr. Srinivas Banala

Dr. Srinivas Banala

"Development of Bright and Black Dyes for Molecular Imaging Applications"

15.12.2023 Dr. Adithya Lakshmanna

Dr. Adithya Lakshmanna

"Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in Molecular Adducts Featuring Photo-initiated Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer"

24.11.2023 Prof. Maria Wächtler

Prof. Maria Wächtler

"Charge-carrier dynamics in hybrid materials based on colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals for lightdriven catalysis"

27.10.2023 Dr. Monika Gupta

Dr. Monika Gupta

"Self-organized Liquid Crystals as Soft Functional Materials for Energy, Water and Environment"

02.06.2023 Prof. P. Rajamalli

Prof. P. Rajamalli

"Deep blue thermally activated  delayed fluorescence emitter by optimizing donor position"

10.03.2023 Prof. Dominik Lungerich

Prof. Dominik Lungerich

"Cinematographic analysis of radiation chemical transformations"

01.07.2022 Dr. Christoph Kerzig

Dr. Christoph Kerzig

"Paving the way for more efficient photochemical processes by time-resolved laser spectroscopy

17.06.2022 Dr. Günther Thiele

Dr. Günther Thiele

"Metalates for Solid-State Batteries and Augmented Reality for Teaching"

25.06.2021 Dr. Eric Daniel GŁOWACKI

Dr. Eric Daniel Glowacki

"Organic semiconductor photocatalysts – a dominance of oxygen reduction reactions”

11.06.2021 Dr. Irina Delidovich

Dr. Irina Delidovich

"Isomerization of lignocellulosic monosaccharides: catalysis and product separation"


09.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Gustavo Fernández

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Fernández (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
"Interfacing Self-Assembly and External Stimuli: From responsive to adaptive behaviour"

17.01.2020 Prof. Dr. Job Boekhoven

Prof. Dr. Job Boekhoven (Technische Universität München)
"Controlling molecular self-assembly using chemical reactions"

05.07.2019 Dr. Akimitsu Narita

Dr. Akimitsu Narita (Max-Planck Institute, Mainz)
“Molecular Synthesis of Structurally Defined Graphene Nanoribbons and Quantum Dots with Unique Electronic and Optical Properties"

28.06.2019 Prof. Dr. Pawel Dydio

Prof. Dr. Pawel Dydio (Université de Strasbourg)
Dual-Catalytic Systems for Functionalization of Unreactive Sites of Molecule“

17.05.2019 Double-Lecture Prof. Dr. Schneebeli and Prof. Dr. J. Li

Prof. Severin Schneebeli (The University of Vermont, USA)
"Biomimetic Synthesis of Macromolecules with Controlled Shapes and Sequences"

Prof. Jianing Li (The University of Vermont, USA)
“Multiscale Modeling of Complex Biological and Bioinspired Materials“.

08.02.2019 Prof. Dr. Thomas Hermans

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hermans (ISIS, Université de Strasbourg)
"Dissipative Self-Assembly of Perylenediimide-Based Supramolecular Polymers"

23.11.2018 Dr. Oleg Dimitriev

Dr. Oleg Dimitriev (V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kiev, current DAAD fellowship, FAU)
"Energy transfer in J-aggregates"

13.07.2018 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annette Andrieu-Brunsen

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annette Andrieu-Brunsen (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
"Transport design in Nanopores: Insights into Functionalization, Ligand Binding and Sensing"

18.05.2018 Dr. Frank Pammer

Dr. Frank Pammer (Universität Ulm)
"Electron-poor N-Heterocycles and N -> B-Ladder Boranes as Lead Structures for Organic n-Type Materials"

04.05.2018 Dr. Henry Dube

Dr. Henry Dube (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
"Indigoid Photoswitches: From Basic Photochemistry to Advanced Molecular Machines"

20.04.2018 Dr. Antonietta De Sio

Dr. Antonietta De Sio (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg)
"Ultrafast Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Organic Photovoltaic Materials Revealed by Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy"

19.01.2018 Dr. Thomas Rehm

Dr. Thomas Rehm (Fraunhofer ICT-IMM Mainz)
"(Photo)chemical conversion in microstructured continuous-flow reactors"

15.12.2017 Dr. Linn Leppert

Dr. Linn Leppert (University of Bayreuth)
"Calculating Excited State Properties of Halide Perovskites with Many-Body Perturbation Theory". osphorus Heterocycles"

08.12.2017 Dr. Carlos Romero-Nieto

Dr. Carlos Romero-Nieto (University of Heidelberg)
"Expanding the Net: Novel ϖ -Extended Materials based on Six-membered Phosphorus Heterocycles"

01.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Sandra Luber

Prof. Dr. Sandra Luber (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
"From Computational Spectroscopy to Solar Light-Driven Water Splitting"

04.09.2017 Prof. Marcin Stępień

Prof. Marcin Stępień (University of Wrocław, Poland):
"Bending and Fusion: Synthetic Approaches to Tunable Aromatic Chromophores”