Prof. Robert Luxenhofer (University of Würzburg)

Investigation of the underlying drug-polymer interactions responsible for different polymer dependent drug loadings observed by the Luxenhofer group (Luxenhofer et al. JACS 2017). To gain molecular insights, solid-state NMR at different MAS frequencies complemented by GIPAW (CASTEP) calculations are employed.

Prof. Anke Krueger (University of Würzburg)

Multinuclear solid-state NMR of surface-functionalized nanodiamonds complemented by quantum chemical calculations. So far, we focussed on flourine-functionalized materials using 19F and 19F-13C experiments.

Dr. Irina Delidovich (University of Aachen)

Structural characterization of boronic acid functionalized cross-linked polymers for the application in mixture separation. 1H, 13C CP/MAS and 11B NMR are versatile tools to study the binding and release of diols to and from the boronic acid moiety located inside the polymer.