Lehrstuhl für Chemische Technologie der Materialsynthese

    Prof. Dr. Robert Luxenhofer

    Dr. Robert Luxenhofer


    Lehrstuhl für Chemische Technologie der Materialsynthese
    Röntgenring 11
    97070 Würzburg
    Tel.: +49-(0)931-31-89930


    Dr. Luxenhofer studied chemistry at the TU München and at the Sydney University. As a PhD student, also at the TU München and Postdoc (at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Ohama, NE, USA and TU Dresden, Germany) he developed novel types of poylmerizations and laid the foundation to study the interaction of synthetic biomaterials and biological systems. The research interests of Prof. Luxenhofer are novel drug delivery systems for highly hydrophobic drugs as well as proteins and RNA/DNA. In particular, we are interested in structure/property relationships governing the interactions between the polymer and its cargo. Moreover, we develop novel polymers and polymerization methods as well as novel materials for the biofabrication and

    tissue engineering.


    Research interests

    Polymer Chemistry
    Drug Delivery
    Interactions of polymers with biological systems


    Polymere I (jointly with Prof. Groll, FMZ)

    Polymere II (jointly with Prof. Groll, FMZ)

    Nano4Med (jointly with Prof. Groll, FMZ)

    Polymerwerkstoffe II (jointly with Dr. Wolff-Fabris, SKZ)


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