From small molecules to polymer formulations and their behaviour in biorelevant media

"One Spectrometer to rule them all, One Spectrometer to find them, One Spectrometer to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." 

Our research is focussed on NMR spectroscopy both in the liquid and solid-state complemented by other techniques such as XRD and quantum chemical calculations.

With the aim of rationalising ideas for future materials through improved structural understanding and improved analytical tools in the wider context of drug delivery, we investigate drug-polymer formulations making use of the versatile toolbox of NMR spectroscopy in combination with other complementary techniques.

Through molecular level structural information and careful study of characteristic properties of the formulations, we want to derive fundamental structure-property relations. To achieve this, the individual components as well as the resulting formulations are analysed both in the solid state (amorphous and crystalline) and in solutions (organic solvents, biorelevant media, …).

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