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Prof. Dr. Tobias Brixner

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We develop new methods of ultrafast laser spectroscopy and apply them to investigate and coherently control dynamic processes in quantum mechanical systems (see overview in section research).

Due to the different projects with different emphases, there are many opportunities for participation, see the sample selection below. Professor Brixner is a member of the Faculties of Chemistry and Pharmacy as well as Physics and Astronomy of the University of Würzburg. Therefore, interested students of both faculties are cordially invited to participate at all levels of study, and of course we are also pleased about external applications.

For those of you who would like to know "what we are all about" and how we work, we recommend the video recording of a popular-science lecture on femtosecond spectroscopy, which is available under the topic "Lightsaber". If you like that, you should also enjoy being in our group!

We currently assign research projects in the following topics:

Work opportunities

Student or research assistants have the opportunity to work in the research projects listed above.

In addition, we are currently looking for motivated student assistants to support us in the further development of our interactive laser laboratory in virtual reality. For further details, please see the following job posting:

femtoPro - An Immersive Training Simulation

Bachelor theses and master theses in our working group are always linked to current research projects. Interested parties are best informed without obligation directly to the contact persons who are specified for the individual topics (see above), and can show everything on site.

In our working group almost all projects have the opportunity to participate in an advanced internship. If you are interested, it is best to get information directly from the staff or from Prof. Brixner without obligation.

Some of the projects have very different approaches, such as more chemical ones when investigating photochemical reactions or photoactive materials, or more physical ones, such as ultrafast nano-optics or the advancement of the optical technologies used.

One of the most exciting periods for doing research is during the scientific work one performs for a doctoral thesis. During this time, one can work self-dependently or in a small team, and plan, realize, and publish a scientific project. Our research group is offering many opportunities and several different projects to people who are interested in doing research and who have completed their diploma or master in chemistry or physics.

If you are interested to join our lab, please write an e-mail to Prof. Brixner.

Our postdoctoral researchers pursue independent scientific projects, but they are nevertheless involved in the working group and can often be carried out together with other members. In addition to a PhD, prospective students should have gained experience in areas of work that fit well with our research, typically in the field of time-resolved laser spectroscopy. In addition, creativity and your own ideas are helpful. Unsolicited applications are best submitted with CV and publication list to Prof. Brixner.

Open postdoc positions