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Würzburg's Chemistry Department in Top 30


The renowned “Academic Ranking of World Universities” (“Shanghai Ranking”) puts Würzburg's Chemistry Department on 30th place. Only one German university is placed better.

ARWU-Logo (Copyright 2013 ShanghaiRanking Consultancy)
ARWU-Logo (Copyright 2013 ShanghaiRanking Consultancy)

An excellent 37th place worldwide in 2009 and an even better 31st place last year are topped in 2014. Würzburg's chemistry department has reached the Top 30. Worldwide! And among the European universities it's in the Top10.

The University of Würzburg as a whole belongs to the Top 200 worldwide, which is also excellent. But without doubt the chemistry department is the shining star.

No other German university performs better when it comes to top chemistry publications. Top publications is the only criterion that does not depend on the size of the department. It only depends on quality since it measures the percentage of highly cited publications.

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