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Institute of Organic Chemistry

SYNFORM Presents Junior Research Group Leader Florian Beuerle


SYNFORM, a Thieme E-Journal for synthetic organic chemistry, regularly meets young up-and-coming researchers who are performing exceptionally well in their fields of research. The latest issue features Florian Beuerle from Würzburg.

Research in the group of Florian Beuerle, who has been a junior research group leader at the Institute of Organic Chemistry since 2010, is centered around the design and synthesis of complex molecular architectures based on small organic building blocks. In October, he and his team will move as core members into the newly established Center for Nanosystems Chemistry building of the University of Würzburg.

Florian Beuerle was interviewed by SYNFORM editor Matteo Zanda this summer. His thoughts on the present and future of organic synthesis have been published in the September issue of SYNFORM as a "Young Career Focus". The full article may be downloaded for free from the journal’s

By C. Stadler