Würthner Group: Organic Materials and Nanosystems Chemistry


Christmas Party 2017

Group photo

Same procedure as every year... James.
This year we had an amazing Christmas party again. What a great job of our organisation team. Kudos!!! 

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ChemCup 2017

ChemCup Team 2017

Although we didn't win the trophy this year, we reached the 7th place. Therefore, it was a successful day … “thanks so much” to the organizing committee.

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Literature Seminar Dresden 2017

Visit at Fa. Novaled GmbH

In June, our working group visited Dresden for four days to present and discuss relevant scientific topics with interest to our research, such as organic solar cells, enzyme mimics, movement within crystals, spectroscopy of aggregates, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polymorphism, photoelectrochemical cells and catalysis. During our visit, lectures were given by group members that created fruitful discussions.