The Greenfield Group

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We are always looking to recruit talented and committed scientists. If you are interested in working in the Greenfield group then please get in touch.

Postdoctoral Positions

Funding for specific projects, when available, will be advertised on the website. Exceptionally qualified applicants are nonetheless invited to get in touch at any time. Such enquiries should include a CV and cover letter mentioning fellowship funding agencies to whom you might apply to underwrite your stay in the group.  Also please have two or three letters of reference sent by academic mentors who know your work. 

Please note that it is possible to host Humboldt Fellows in our group. 

PhD Positions

PhD positions are available in our group each year. If you are interested in doctoral studies in the group then please get in touch as early as possible. An application should consist of your CV, a cover letter, and two reference letters sent by academic mentors who know your work. 

Masters Theses and Internships

A number of projects are availible for students at the masters stage of their education. Specific projects will be discussed in person as this allows the goal to be tailored to the students particular interests. Note that Masters theses in the group must be written in English. 

Bachelor Students / Visiting Students

We can sometimes accommodate talented and motivated students at various times of the year for stays of at least four months. Work is carried out under the guidance of an experienced group member in the context of an ongoing project. Please be aware that such stays need to be arranged well in advance. Students must have strong basic training in experimental chemistry; substantial laboratory work must have been carried out before arriving here. To apply, please send a CV and have a reference letter sent by an academic mentor who has worked with you in the laboratory or the classroom before. Funds to support such stays are very rarely available, so students will need to apply for scholarship funding themselves. The person at your university who is in charge of Erasmus or international programmes may be able to advise you.


Mass mailings won't be acknowledged. If you do not have a clear idea of what it is that we do and why you want to join the team, please look elsewhere. You may wish to add the word 'smorgasbord' to the subject of your e-mail to indicate that you have read the entirety of this page.