The Ravat Group: Chemistry of Molecular Nanosystems

    Open Positions

    PhD position in Functional Chiral Molecules (Physical Organic Chemistry)

    at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Würzburg.

    Starting date: December 2019—January 2020.

    Highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for a doctoral position in the research group of Dr. Prince Ravat.

    What we offer

    • An opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary and cutting edge research project in a highly collaborative and international research environment.
    • A working contract for initially 3 years (with optional extension up to 4 years total). Salary and benefits are according to public service positions in Germany (TV-L, E13, 50%).

    Project description

    • Our research interests lie at the interface of physical organic and materials chemistry. We aim for the bottom-up synthesis of structurally well-defined chiral nanocarbon materials for the further advancement of organic electronics devices as well as in-depth time-resolved spectroscopic investigation - in close collaboration with Professor Christoph Lambert - to establish structure-property relationships between chirality and optoelectronic properties of nanocarbon materials.
    • You will be involved in (i) design and synthesis of functional chiral organic molecules and their characterization by standard analytical techniques namely, NMR, EPR, UV-vis (absorption/ emission), MS and single crystal X-ray diffraction (ii) investigation of solid-state properties and self-assembly behavior with the aid of spectroscopy and microscopy (iii) preliminary DFT calculations to get insight into structure and electronic properties of molecules.


    • Master's degree in chemistry (MSc or equivalent) completed or going to finish soon.
    • Expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. Ability to perform reactions under inert conditions and handling of air and moisture sensitive reagents/chemicals.
    • Experience in analytical techniques such as NMR, EPR, UV-vis(absorption/emission), and MS.
    • Knowledge of scientific/graphical/referencing software: Gaussian, Chemdraw, Origin, Endnote, TopSpin, photoshop, Adobe illustrator etc. 
    • Candidates should have good writing and speaking skills in English language. Knowledge of German language is advantageous but not mandatory. 


    Applications should be sent directly to Dr. Prince Ravat by email and must include a motivation letter (one page), CV including at least two references, description of past research experience (2 pages). Disabled applicants will be preferentially considered in case of equivalent qualification.

    For contact data, please see bottom of the page.



    Motivated students who would like to work on interdisciplinary research project in Physical Organic chemistry are highly encouraged to contact us to join our group for Bachelor, Master, PhD thesis or as a Forschungspraktikant.

    What we offer,

    • The opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary and cutting edge research project on functional chiral molecules in a highly collaborative and international research environment.
    • Bachelors and master student can develop their skills in

    > Synthetic organic chemistry

    > Photoreactions

    > Routine and advanced purification techniques

    > Handling of air and moisture sensitive compounds using Schlenk line or glove box

    > Structural assignment using 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy

    > Basic physical chemistry–chemical kinetics and thermodynamics

    > Preliminary DFT calculations using Gaussian software


    For any further queries please contact:

    Dr. Prince Ravat

    Room 00.001
    Institute of Organic Chemistry
    University of Würzburg
    Am Hubland 97074 Würzburg, Germany
    Tel.: +49 (0)931-31-81583
    Email: princekumar.ravat@uni-wuerzburg.de