Honour for Professor of Chemistry at the University of Würzburg: Bavarian Minister of Science Bernd Sibler bestows the Federal Cross of Merit on Professor Gerhard Bringmann


    High distinction for decades of commitment to research, teaching and academic self-administration at the University of Würzburg - Commitment to the further development of the educational system and the reconstruction of higher education in the Democratic Republic of Congo - more than 700 publications and patents

    MUNICH. Today Bavarian Minister of Science, Bernd Sibler, bestowed the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Gerhard Bringmann. The occasion is his decades of commitment to research and teaching and the academic self-administration of the University of Würzburg as well as his dedication to the further development of the educational system and, above all, to the reconstruction of higher education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Minister of State, Sibler, paid tribute to Bringmann's great academic commitment and thanked the holder of the Order:

    "Professor Bringmann has earned merits in the service of science not only in Würzburg but also in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo in particular, he is actively committed to promoting science and research, education and vocational training as well as international awareness, tolerance, international understanding and development cooperation. I am therefore very pleased to present Professor Bringmann with the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, which was awarded to him by the Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in recognition of his special services.

    From 1987 to 2017, Professor Bringmann held a chair at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, since then he has been a senior professor. His scientific focus is in the field of natural product chemistry; in particular, he conducts research on natural active ingredients from tropical plants. To this end, he worked for decades with scientific partners from several African countries and sought new scientific lead structures in the fight against neglected tropical infectious diseases. Over 700 publications and patents document his outstanding scientific work.

    In 2003, Professor Bringmann founded the Collaborative Research Center "Detection, Production and Functional Analysis of Active Substances against Infectious Diseases" at the University of Würzburg and was its spokesperson for the entire twelve-year period. In the same year, a partnership agreement was signed between the University of Würzburg and the University of Kinshasa, which not only led to the foundation of today's Forum Afrikazentrum with members from all faculties of the University of Würzburg, but also made it possible to establish a globally unique excellence scholarship system called "Bourse d'Excellence Bringmann aux Universités Congolaises (BEBUC)" in the Democratic Republic of Congo. BEBUC is designed to support academic exchange and the promotion of young academics and is intended to contribute to the reconstruction of a functioning university system in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    To make this possible, Professor Bringmann founded in 2009 the "Förderverein Uni Kinshasa e.V. (fUNIKIN). The BEBUC scholarship programme is financed by the foundation Else Kröner-Fresenius- Stiftung, with which the fUNIKIN association has been cooperating since 2010. BEBUC currently supports almost 200 outstanding young people at 25 different institutions in the country.

    From: Pressemitteilung Nr. 218 des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kultur: https://www.stmwk.bayern.de/pressemitteilung/12042/nr-218-vom-24-09-2020.html


    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Gerhard Bringmann

    Institut de Chimie Organique de l'Université de Würzburg

    T +49 931 31‐85323


    Sur le programme de bourse BEBUC et l'ONG Förderverein Uni Kinshasa e.V. :