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The new lecture "Complementary Tools for the Characterization of Complex Solid Materials" was finished by an online poster session and joint pizza lunch!


After two weeks of working on a real scientific problem including measuring and evaluating data, the participants designed scientific posters which were presented at our virtual conference via gathertown!

During the summer term student had the opportunity to join the lecture "Complementary Tools for the Characterization of Complex Solid Materials": Scientific knowledge, application to real world problems and science communication. During the term the lecture focus was on X-ray diffraction, solid-state NMR and computation for the investigation of complex solid materials. 
The course was completed by a two-week block course where the participants worked on real scientific problems, measured XRPD pattern and NMR spectra, evaluated the data and designed a scientific poster! Finally, we did our own (vitual) conference with gathertown with poster presentations on thursday. 

Additionally, we had two scientific presentation during the block course. Thanks to Dr. Lennard Krause (Aarhus University) and Dr. Helen Grüninger (University Bayreuth) for giving us insights into your research topics! 

Thanks to all the cooperation partners for providing the samples and the support!

To bring the block course and the summer term to an end we had a joint pizza lunch on friday! Yummy!