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Institute of Organic Chemistry

Frank Würthner awarded as „Highly Cited Researcher“


In 2014 there are only 16 active researchers from Germany posted on Thomson Reuters' website One of them is Frank Würthner.

There are many different scientific rankings and Würzburg’s chemistry department usually performs exceptionally well. However, Frank Würthner, head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and director of the Center for Nanosystems Chemistry (CNC), despite his young age of 50 has already accomplished more than most other scientists. He is among the world’s most highly cited chemists of our time. The frequency of citation is regarded as an especially meaningful indicator of scientific quality and impact of a publication. In case of Frank Würthner this award strikingly proves him to be one of the world-leading chemists who developed a field of research (Supramolecular Dye Chemistry and Organic Functional Materials) with considerable world-wide interest.

Actually, Frank Würthner is not the first chemist from Würzburg who is entitled to call himself “Highly Cited Researcher”. Since 2001 Waldemar Adam, his direct antecessor, as well as inorganic chemist Helmut Werner and food chemist Peter Schreier may also call themselves “Highly Cited Researcher”. But since all of them are already retired, Frank Würthner is the only chemist in Würzburg featured on the currently updated list. In the field of chemistry however, scientists from only nine German Universities and three Max-Planck-Institutes are represented.

The complete lists for 2001 and 2014 as well as information on the methodology can be found on

By C. Stadler, A. Häfner