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Diamond for Technological Progress


Horizon 2020: FET Open project on photocatalysis with diamond under the coordination of Wuerzburg University has been accepted

Chemistry with light and CO2 enabled by photocatalysis on diamond. (picture: Anke Krueger)

So far only nature knows how to do it: the production of organic matter starting with light and CO2 in water. But exactly this direct conversion of carbon dioxide into fuels and fine chemicals using sunlight is the goal of the project DIACAT, which has been just accepted by the European Commission. The international consortium under the coordination of Prof. Anke Krueger (Institute of Organic Chemistry of Wuerzburg University) will develop novel technologies based on tailor-made diamond materials. The EU is financing the project with around 3.9 million Euro. In the FET Open Call for “Novel  ideas for radically new technologies” 670 projects had been submitted of which 24 were accepted for funding. Among those only the project DIACAT is coordinated by a German institution, the JMU.


Prof. Dr. Anke Krueger, Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Wuerzburg
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By A. Krueger