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    Master Course FMM-MP

    Master Course FMM-MP

    (Materialwissenschaftliches Praktikum, Schwerpunkt Funktionsmaterialien)

    This course is designed for Master Students who want to gain insight into modern Material-Science and are interested in a hands on training in this interesting field of research. Therefore we set up 10 experiments in 6 different working groups to give a broad overview in techniques and research.

    If you are interested in attending the course, please register at sb@home (from February 1st to 15th) and don't miss the safety instructions (tuesday April 10th, 13:00 - 15:00, HS B) and the preliminary talk on thursday, April 12th, 16:00 (HS E).

    some general information:

    The Master course FMM-MP will be offered during summer and winter semesters.

    ECTS-Points: 5

    For passing this course you have to gain at least 12 points. The points for each experiment can be read out from the table above (weighting of the experiments is because of different expenditure of time, 2 day experiments give 3 points, 1 day experiments give 2 points). To get your points you have to pass an oral examn at the beginning of each experiment, do the experiment and write a protocol.

    Registration: To apply for this course please participate in the preliminary talk mentioned above and the safety instructions at the beginning of the semester. Registration via sb@home is required from SS2014 on. To sign in for your experiments please call your contact persons in the week after the preliminary talk and make an appointment.

    WueCampus: Detailed information on the experiments and the template for your protocols will be available on our e-learning platform (wuecampus). You will receive the password at the preliminary talk (if you are registered via sb@home you can access the course with your student ID).

    Protocols: For writing your protocol please use the template on wuecampus. Each participant has to write his or her own protocol in german or english. Please proof your statements by citing scientific literature (no wikipedia) and pay attention to formal and spelling rules. The first protocol should be submitted within one week after you have finished your experiment.

    Evaluation: After you have finished an experiment and protocol you will be evaluated on the proof of attendance on the basis of school marks 1-6. If you get two times 5 or one time 6 you are not allowed to go on with any experiments. In this case you have to register again for another semester. 

    Proof of attendance: For successfully finishing an experiment you will receive a sign from your adviser. When you completed all the required experiments to gain 12 points please hand your proof of attendance to Michael Moos (IOC, second floor, room 02.002, phone: 0931/31-88764).

    If you have further questions please contact:

    Michael Moos, 0931/31-88764, michael.moos@uni-wuerzburg.de