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Schatzschneider Research Group

Bioorthogonal "Click" Reactions

Metal-centered reactivity for the functionalization of bio(macro)molecules

Bio(macro)molecules such as peptides and proteins incorporate a large number of reactive functional groups. For the site-specific introduction of metal complex modifications under mild conditions, Click reactions are developed based on metal-centered reactivity for selective introduction of metal-based probe molecules.
In particular, the iClick reaction of metal-coordinated azides groups with electron-poor alkynes holds great promise, since usually, it proceeds at room temperature without the need for catalyst addition:


Click reactions for the functionalization of hard nanomaterials

Click reactions can also be employed for the functionalization of hard nanomaterials. For example, the copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne (CuAAC) cycloaddition reaction between a surface-bound alkyl azide and an alkyne-functionalized manganese(I) tricarbonyl complex was utilized for the decoration of silica nanoparticles as well as nanodiamond with CO-releasing molecules (CORMs):