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Research group of Ingo Fischer


International Cooperations

We use a wide range of techniques to investigate the chemistry of molecules of interest to us. Since not all of them are available "in house", we cooperate with a number of groups  in various countries to carry out such experiments jointly.

Dr. C. Alcaraz (LCP, U Paris-Sud, France), Dr. P. Hemberger, Dr. A. Bodi (Paul-Scherrer-Institut, Villigen, Switzerland): VUV-spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation

Dr. L. Poisson, Dr. J.-P. Mestdagh (CEA Saclay, Paris, France), Dr. T. Schultz (MBI Berlin, Germany): Femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy in the gas phase

Dr. A. Rijs (FELIX, FOM Rijnhuizen, Netherlands): mid-IR/UV double resonance experiments using free electron laser radiation 

We also enjoy close contacts to the following groups:

Prof. T. Kitsopoulos (FORTH, Iraklion, Greece), Prof. R. E. Continetti (UC San Diego, USA), Prof. P. Chen (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Dr. A. Stolow (NRC Ottawa, Canada), Prof. B.P. Asthana (Varanasi, India), Prof. A. Ojha (Allahabad, India)