Award for Frank Würthner


The Institute of Chemistry of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan honors Frank Würthner, nominating him as the recipient of the “Ta-shue Chou Lectureship Award” and inviting him to Taipeh.

In the past years, Professor Frank Würthner has received quite a few awards from inside and outside Germany. Now, he may add another pin to his world map of awards. He was elected as the recipient of this year's “Ta-shue Chou Lectureship Award” by the Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. The award comes with a prize money, a trophy, and a visit to Taipeh, the highlight being a symposium with professor Würthner giving a lecture about “Supramolecular Photosystems with Precise Spatial Organization of Dyes”.

The award committee points out that Würthner has been contributing to a “wide variety of important research topics in organic materials, including supramolecular synthesis, organic dye assemblies, and organic electronics/photovoltaics.” As an awardee, Würthner succeeds famous chemists like Dieter Seebach and Francois Diederich, as well as Julius Rebek, Jr., who was Würthner´s host at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in 1994/1995 at the beginning of his academic career.