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Prof. Dr. Holger Helten

Nanostructured Hybrid Materials


Nanostructured Hybrid Materials

We are working on the development of novel nanostructured materials based on organic building blocks and main group elements.

Borazine-based inorganic—organic hybrid cyclomatrix microspheres by silicon/boron exchange precipitation polycondensation

N. A. Riensch, A. Deniz, S. Kühl, L. Müller, A. Adams, A. Pich, H. Helten, Polym. Chem. 20178, 5264—5268 [DOI].

Inside front cover: [DOI]

In collaboration with the group of Prof. Andrij Pich (DWI — Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials) we have developed a novel class of hybrid cyclomatrix polymers based on the borazine core. Under precipitation polymerization conditions, the network polymers form spherical particles of varying size depending on the synthetic route applied. Our novel silicon/boron exchange precipitation polycondensation approach led to the formation of microspheres with a mean diameter of about 900 nm.

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