Newton International Fellowship Alumni 2018


    Ann-Christin and her workgroup were able to get funding from the Royal Society for networking activities with UK-based researchers.

    Through the Newton International Fellowship Programme, the Royal Society attracts and supports early career researchers from different subjects and countries of origin to conduct research in the UK. With the aim of fostering long-term relations between these Fellows and the UK research instituions beyong the fellowship itself, the Royal Society also runs an Alumni Programme.

    We are fortunate to have been successful in applying to this year's round of follow-on alumni funding. This gives our group in Würzburg the chance to work on a project together with Prof. Steven P. Brown from the University of Warwick, who are experts in solid-state NMR and host a total of 11 magnets including the UK 850 MHz Solid-State NMR Facility. Our second UK-based collaborator is Prof. Jonathan Yates, Co-Director of the Materials Modelling Laboratory in Oxford and Co-author of the NMR code as part of the CASTEP code, a very powerful programme package developed by a group of UK based academics.

    The Alumni Funding will run for one year and be the basis for a range of presentations, scientific visits, discussion meetings and joint project work we are very much looking forward to!