Marvin and Ann-Christin attended the SMARTER Meeting 2018 in Ljubljana

    Marvin together with Sarah, Emily and Anjali from the workgroup of Steven P. Brown (Warwick, UK). The photo was taken at Ljubljana Castle.

    “Together we are stronger” – The biannual SMARTER conferences aim at bringing together scientists from the areas of computation, diffraction, geometric crystallography and spectroscopy to join scientific forces. Making use of the complementarity of these approaches gives unique insights and increased understanding of a broad range of interesting and complex materials. This year’s meeting in Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of Slovenia, was the sixth SMARTER meeting.

    At this stimulating meeting, Marvin presented a poster and Ann-Christin gave a talk, both contributions focussing on the use of solid-state NMR to study and improve our structural knowledge on drug-polymer arrangements, especially micellar arrangements. The small size of the meeting and the familiar atmosphere offered a great environment for many scientific discussions, exchange of procedures and ideas as well as the forging of new teams and collaborations.

    The interesting history and cultural heritage of Ljubljana was introduced to us on a guided tour through the city centre and through the Slovenian menu as part of the conference dinner all organized by the local conference hosts.