Current research projects

    DNA as catalyst

    DNA catalysts (also called DNA enzymes or deoxyribozymes), are synthetic DNAs with defined sequence that fold into 3-dimensional structures to bind substrates and accelerate chemical reactions. > more

    Natural RNA Modifications

    The chemical diversity of RNA is not limited to the four letters A, C, G, and U. Instead, natural RNA contains more than 150 different modified nucleotides, with diverse biological roles. > more

    Fluorescent RNA Aptamers

    Aptamers are synthetic DNAs or RNAs that fold into defined structures to bind desired ligands with high specificity and affinity. Fluorogenic aptamers bind small organic dyes to form fluorescent noncovalent RNA-dye complexes. > more

    RNA as a catalyst

    Ribozymes are generated in the laboratory by in vitro selection from libraries of random RNA sequences, for example to catalyze site-specific RNA labeling reactions. > more

    Spin-labeled RNA

    Synthetic modified nucleotides are essential for biophysical chemistry of RNA folding. Spin-labeled nucleotides contain paramagnetic nucleotides that enable EPR and specific NMR experiments on RNA and RNA protein complexes. > more

    Fluorescent nucleoside analogs

    Fluorescent nucleotide analogs are incorporated into RNA by solid-phase synthesis. Conformational changes by folding or ligand binding are monitored by changes in fluorescence emission. > more