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    Neue Publikation - AK Luxenhofer (Loading dependent Structural Model of Polymeric Micelles)


    Loading dependent Structural Model of Polymeric Micelles Encapsulating Curcumin by Solid‐State NMR Spectroscopy


    Detailed insight into the internal structure of drug loaded polymer micelles is scarce, but important for developing optimized delivery systems. Using solid-state NMR spectroscopy, we were able to propose a structural model on the molecular level providing insights into the interactions between encapsulated drug and polymer micelles in dependence of the drug loading. Unexpectedly, at higher drug loading, an increase in the interaction between the hydrophilic polymer block and encapsulated drug was observed. Therefore, the involvement of the hydrophilic compartment may be critical for ultra-high drug loaded polymer micelles and can help to modulate the performance of various drug delivery systems, but also offers important information on limitations in their route of application.