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    Neue Publikation - AK Luxenhofer (Like Dissolves Like?)


    Like Dissolves Like? A Comprehensive Evaluation of Partial Solubility Parameters to Predict Polymer–Drug Compatibility in Ultrahigh Drug-Loaded Polymer Micelles


    Polymer chemistry offers an essentially unlimited variety of potential polymeric drug carriers. However, due to the unique characteristics of each drug, the description of the compatibility between polymer micelle and encapsulated, non-water soluble drug does not extend much beyond concepts such as “like dissolves-like” or hydrophilic/hydrophobic. To investigate drug-polymer compatibility systematically, we reduced the complexity of the drug carrier to isolate crucial factors determining drug loading. Therefore, the compatibility of 18 different amphiphilic polymers for five different hydrophobic drugs was determined empirically and subsequently compared to theoretical compatibilities derived from Flory-Huggins interaction parameters or Hansen solubility parameters.