• Das Praktikumsgebäude am Hubland-Campus Süd, kurz nach seiner Inbetriebnahme im Mai 2011. Foto: Gunnar Bartsch
Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie


Financial support and information

The summer school will be free of charge. All students are eligible to apply for financial support. Approval will be communicated with the acceptance letter.


Participants can choose from a variety of hotels in Würzburg, which are available to the general public. You will receive a list of cooperating hotels and their booking conditions after application.

Poster presentations

Participants who are currently engaged in research are asked to present an excerpt of their work during a poster session. The submission deadline for the abstracts will be communicated with the acceptance letter.

Important dates

Registration is closed.

The application form and further necessary documents are listed on the right. Please send them to: summerschool-chemistry@uni-wuerzburg.de