English Intern
Prof. Dr. Müller-Buschbaum

Thermally Enduring Hybrid Materials

As thermal investigations reveal, Metal-N- and especially Ln-N-MOFs show higher thermal stabilites than carboxylate networks. Even Ln-N-MOFs build up from ligands with a high number of neighboring nitrogen atoms in the ring system, such as triazolopyridine or benzotriazole, can be obtained by solid state synthesis. Once formed, these Ln-N-MOFs show thermal stabilities in the range of 450 - 665 °C.

DTA/TG investigations are also a suitable way to get more information about the reaction conditions to obtain Ln-N-MOFs. For several Ln-N-MOFs the reaction is fast enough, that it is possible to follow it by simultaneous DTA/TG. This allows in situ monitoring of the formation and decomposition of the MOFs.