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    Prof. Dr. W. A. Schenk


    Research Activities

    MRI Contrast Agents

    In collaboration with the "Sonderforschungsbereich 688" at the University of Würzburg we have begun to develop new MRI contrast agents capable to home in on selected molecular epitopes in a living organism.

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    Bioinorganic Chemistry

    Large lipophilic anions can easily migrate through the lipid bilayer membrane of living cells. Some ionic tungsten carbonyls are particularly suited for a study of the associated physical phenomena.

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    General Organometallic Chemistry

    Our contributions to the chemistry of bimetallic complexes, to the organic chemistry of tin and arsenic, and some other useful reactions are described here.

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    Chiral Metal Complexes

    More recently, our efforts directed at stereoselective synthesis have been extended by forays into the synthesis of chiral ligands and chiral metal complexes.

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    Sulfur Chemistry

    Organosulfur compounds as ligands have always played a central role in our work. The focus of our attention has shifted now from general reactivity to stereoselective synthesis.

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    Metal Carbonyls

    Early activities in metal carbonyl chemistry (mostly of Cr, Mo, W) are described in publications up to 1991. This subject has been taken up again with the synthesis of molybdenum and tungsten complexes of sulfur ligands such as thioaldehydes, sulfene (thioformaldehyde-S,S-dioxide), or various sulfur containing anions.

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