The Institute for Sustainable Chemistry & Catalysis with Boron (ICB) is a newly-established research institute based in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, on the Hubland campus. The initial funding for the institute was confirmed in 2016 by the German Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat), and the construction will be funded jointly by the federal government of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria. Construction of the new institute is planned to begin in 2018, with completion and inauguration in 2020.

The institute will host an interdisciplinary group of researchers involved in chemistry and catalysis using boron, all working towards the development of new boron-based molecules, materials, catalysts and processes with real-world applications.


Reversible Oxidative Addition at Carbon

Strongly Phosphorescent Transition Metal π-Complexes of Boron–Boron Triple Bonds

B–B bond activation and NHC ring-expansion reactions of diboron(4) compounds, and accurate molecular structures of B2(NMe2)4, B2eg2, B2neop2 and B2pin2

Synthesis of Benzyl-, Allyl-, and Allenyl-boronates via Copper-Catalyzed Borylation of Alcohols