Photograph of the Participants

Conference Participants at the 2nd Joint German-British Liquid Crystal Conference Würzburg 2017.

Download of the Photograph (PNG). 

Photo Gallery

The Alfred Saupe Medal for Wolfgang Weissflog and Gerhard Pelzl. From the left: R. Stannarius, W. Weissflog, M. Lehmann, F. Giesselmann.
The Alfred Saupe Medal.
The Alfred Saupe Medal of G. Pelzl.
Sturgeon Lecture of Professor Bertrand Donnio (Université de Strasbourg).
The Young Scientists Award of the German Liquid Crystal Society (DFKG). From the left: Conference Chair M. Lehmann, Michael Fletcher, Markus Wahle, Clarissa F. Dietrich, Sophie Jones and F. Giesselmann, chairman of the DFKG.